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Easy access to Unsecured Business Loans for instant working capital

Almost all businesses will need to borrow money at some point in their life.  Whether you are a brand new Start up business looking for some working capital to establish yourself, or a large established business exploring new markets or need to fund the cost of that new contract.

Whilst your bank may be willing to look at assisting you up to a certain point, once past their comfort zone the barrier goes up or you need to secure the loan against property.

We have access to a wealth of unsecured business loan providers and with our experience we can identify the most suitable lender for you.

We can source funds for

  • New business start ups

  • Existing business with as little as 6 months trading

  • Amounts from £500 to £500,000

  • Terms from 1 month to 10 years

  • Interest rates starting from as low as 3%

  • Decision within 24 hours of full application

  • Funds released within a few days

  • Less than perfect credit history

Businesses are no longer limited to the decision of their bank manager when it comes to raising capital for their business.  Our managers work closely with specialist short term, unsecured lenders, peer-to-peer or crowdfunding lenders, lenders who only work with intermediaries and banks or private investors who are able to make a decision based on the requirement and potential of the business without being tied to automated decision making.

See below for a few examples of lenders policies for unsecured, short term loans.






Loan Amount

£3k – £500k

£25k – £100k

£500 – £25k

£10k – £250k


6m – 5 yrs

1m >

12m – 5 yrs

1m – 15m

Age of Business

2 yrs accounts

Min 6 months

Under 6 months

Min 2 years

Early Repayment

No penalty

No penalty

No Penalty

No Penalty

Personal Guarantee




Not Required

These are just a sample of the lenders who support SMEs where their main bank has not been able to support them.

If you have any clients who require cash quickly and have a profitable business or strong projections (borrowers do need to be able to demonstrate they can afford to repay the finance), please contact us with a brief overview of your clients needs and we will do the rest.

(a fee may be charged direct to the client.  This will be fully discussed and advised before any commitment is made by the client)


If you have any questions regarding buy to let borrowing please contact a member of the team on 01482 635400 or click the “Contact Us” button below to send a message to us.


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